Baking Prep

This school year I plan on doing a lot of baking.  We have a longer ride to school this year, so I am online to prepare make ahead, grab-n-go breakfasts.  Today, while the girls are still home, I had them help me prep for baking.  We made Brown sugar, cinnamon sugar, and ground cinnamon.  Ground cinnamon is a little messy, but our house smells amazing! Oh, we also made taco seasoning! Below are the recipes I used.

Taco Seasoning

7 parts chilli powder

1 part onion powder

1 part garlic powder

1 part cumin

Mix so ingredients and store in an airtight container.
Brown Sugar

  2 cups sugar

3 tablespoons molasses

Mix together (I like to use my hands) and store in an airtight container.
We ran out of ground cinnamon making the cinnamon, so we ground some sticks to refill our bottle. I store This in a half pint mason jar with a kid I saved from a parmesan cheese container.
This doesn’t save time, but I love that I can control the ingredients.  

Now we are ready to bake a bunch of muffkns!


Meal plan week of 2/19

Monday – Enchilada Casserole

Rice krispie treats

Tuesday – Sausage or hamburger gravy + mashed potatoes

Celery & pb &j

Wednesday – Spaghetti & salad

Granola bars

Thursday – Sloppy joes, baked beans, peas

Granola bars

Friday- Tacos, corn

Celery, PB&j

Saturday – Waffles, bacon, blueberries


This week we are trying something new for breakfast: refrigerator oatmeal.  I will be posting about this later.

Freezer Meal #1 – Update

Yesterday I made the first of five slow cooker freezer meals I prepped last weekend. Thanks to Kelly from New Leaf Wellness for the recipes & grocery list!  My kids and I are big soup lovers, so I started with the Vegetable beef soup.  Although I make a good Chicken Noodle soup & Golden Potato soup, I have never made beef soup.  EVER!  I have been wanting to try is since we always have beef & venison in the freezer.  The recipe, instructions and grocery list were all laid out in Kelly’s post, so I thought this would be a great place to start.

There were several things that surprised me about this recipe.  First was the addition of chicken broth when adding ingredients to the slow cooker.  Chicken broth in beef soup?  The second was adding the beef to the slow cooker raw.  Well, I made the recipe exactly as written and I must say, we were all VERY pleased.  The soup was GOOD!  Hurray!  This one is definitely going in the recipe binder!

Next time I will only change two things:  I will probably add two more cups of chicken broth and I will make it on a day when I can be home to make bread bowls!  Yum!

Thanks again, New Leaf Wellness!

Freezer Slow cooker Meals – first attempt

Here is how I spent an hour of my Saturday afternoon.   It is my first attempt at freezer meals.  I spent about $33 on the ingredients that I didn’t have in the pantry.  I have 5 meals ready to go into my slow cookef (I only have to add some broth to the soup).  It was really pretty easy to put together.  20141108_150341I can’t wait to try them!