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Oven Pancakes

I was reading a blog the other day (I wish I could remember which one!) about making pancakes in the oven.  The idea was to take your favorite pancake mix and pour it on a cookie sheet, then bake.  This sounded so easy I just had to try it.  The recipe I used called for 2 1/2 cups of flour (so you know about how big a batch to make) & I used a cookie sheet that is half of a sheet cake.  It fit perfectly!  I preheated the oven to 375, baked it for 10 minutes & then pushed blueberries in (next time I will bake for only 5 min before adding blueberries).  I have to say, they turned out great!  My kids thought it was awesome that I made a HUGE pancake!  They are going to tell their friends about it at school tomorrow.  I cut them into squares and served!  I don’t think I will ever stand over the stove & flip pancakes again!

I was thinking that I could make the batter in the evening, refrigerate, then bake in the morning.  By the time the kids are dressed, they can have fresh pancakes for breakfast with very little effort on my part!  Can’t wait to try it!