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Good week, so far

I guess I haven’t written for a couple of days. We have been having a pretty good week. Monday we cleaned & rearranged the girls’ room. It took all day, but we did it! The payoff was Splash Village on Tuesday. I found a coupon online and we got in for $10 each (a day pass is normally $32!). The coupon expires today, so we had to use it this week, and that was too good a deal of pass up! We had a great time! The girls tried every slide there – more than once! We were there for 7 hours. Just a little too long I guess because the girls were pretty cranky by the time we left. Rachel fell asleep on the way home. They did sleep well that night, though.
Yesterday was sporties for shorties. We went & the kids played soccer while I walked. Then they announced that they would be having kids’ playtime an hour later, so we decided to stay in town. They played games with the kids; make friendship bracelets, roasted hot dogs. We spent the whole afternoon. I must have worn the kids out these last two days because it is after 8:00 A.M. & no one is up! They haven’t slept this late all summer! I am loving it!
So, the kids’ rooms are clean. Today I will start the dining room. It has become a catch all again. Does anyone else have this problem? Time to put things where they belong.
Looking forward to a productive day!


Girls’ room cleaned!

Today we got the girls’ room clean! It took all day, but they did it. Halleluiah! Most of the time I feel like the kids won’t do their chores unless I get upset. I feel like I am criticizing them all the time. I need to find ways to encourage them instead of criticizing them so much.
This morning the dentist’s office called and said they have an opening tomorrow morning to Aaron. We want to go to splash village, so I hope they do not pull his tooth tomorrow. It will be interesting.
It is time to go check the grocery ads & see where I’ll do the shopping this week

Great Splash Village Deal

Aaron was invited to Splash Village in Frankenmuth today for a friend’s birthday. I got on the net yesterday & decided to check out the rates. I wanted to see if I could afford to take the twins. While checking it out, I came across a promotional coupon. With this coupon we could get a full day pass for $10. Since a day pass regularly costs $32, I thought it sounded too good to be true. I checked it out & sure enough, the coupon is good until the end of the month (which is Thursday). Guess where we are going later this week. That’s right – Splash Village. How can we pass up this opportunity? I’m actually looking forward to it! I will pack some PB&J wraps & snacks. We get 30% off food also. Whoo hoo!

Thanksgiving in June

Today I cooked the turkey that got defrosted on Thursday. I decided since I was cooking a turkey, I might as well go all out. We had Thanksgiving in June. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing & green bean casserole. Carolyn helped peel potatoes, & Rachel helped make the stuffing. Brian & Aaron helped eat it.
I have been having a hard time lately. I can’t get the kids to clean their rooms. It is driving me crazy! We finally got Aaron’s room done today. A cleaned & rearranged. Hi room hasn’t been this clean in a long time. Next week, we will start on the girls’ room. I need to find a way to get them to keep their room picked up more. I have been very frustrated all week. They won’t do anything unless I am right there. Then I cannot get any of my work done. Tomorrow is Sunday – NO CLEANING! We all need a break!

Freezer clean

Well, I finished cleaning the freezer & turned it back on. It seems to be getting cold so I guess the door must have been left open. I cooked most of the ground meat, so we didn’t lose any of that. I guess a bonus is that I have a lot of cooked ground beef & venison in the freezer; makes for quicker meal preparation.

What a day!

Freezer Trouble
Wow, was it humid today. I rode my bike for 25 minutes, but had to take a break 3 times. Usually I start sweating 10-12 minutes in, but today I was dripping sweat at 5 minutes! I got totally whipped out & didn’t get too much done the rest of the day. Good thing, because not too much turned out right today.
I decided to try out the bread maker I bought at a garage sale this weekend. It was too moist & fell in the middle. 😦
Later I noticed the floor in the entryway was wet. I thought the kids spilled some water. When I went to get the ice cream for dessert, I realized it was the upright freezer: the ice cream was completely thawed! So was most of the stuff in the freezer.  Defrosting the freezer was not on my adgenda for today. I put the meat that was thawed in coolers with ice. I will have to cook it in the morning. I cannot afford to loose all that meat! I did have to throw some things away, but was able to save a lot of it. Thank God! I guess it was time to defrost the freezer!
What a day!

Lazy day & wild weather

Today was a lazy day. I didn’t get much housework done. In fact, I never got fully dressed. Just wasn’t feeling that well. Some days are just like that. The kids were up before 6:30 & didn’t go back to sleep.
I did get a little exercise. Walked a mile with the dogs, hoed the garden for a little while & took a bike ride with the kids.
I wanted to go to bed early tonight, but Brian called a little while ago & said they saw 3 tornadoes in Vestaburg. It sounds like some wild weather is winding up. Guess I’ll stay up for a while yet & see what develops. Maybe I’ll get some crocheting done. Haven’t gotten very far on those bike bags!