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Deuteronomy 4:31

For the Lord your God is a merciful God; He will not abandon or destroy you or forget the covenant with your forefathers, which he confirmed to them by oath.

Earlier this week, a young man from our small town here in Michigan committed suicide.  He was only 28 years old and had been married for just over a year.  He had a good job and seemed to have it all together.  I knew this young man from my previous job.  We had associations with him and his dad.  Although I did not know him and his family socially, I have been deeply affected by his suicide.

What makes a young man think that it is better to die than to live?  What does Satan put into a young man’s mind to get him to commit suicide?

How do you console someone who has lost a family member to suicide?  I ask because I really do not know.  I feel so badly for the family.   What must they be going through?  It is one thing to lose a child, but to suicide?

Romans 8:28 says “All things work for the good of those who love God.”   Hopefully some kind of good can come from this.


Planting Our Garden

We have a decent sized garden every year.  I thought this year I would share our gardening  experience with you.    Gardening is something the whole family can enjoy.  The twins helped get the seed started today.

We save a lot of money by starting seeds in the house.  Today we planted bell pepper seeds.  We saved some milk cartons from school.  I bought the seeds for $.50/pack  (We have some seed left over for next year).  I bought a 40 lb bag of potting soil for about $2.00 at our local hardware (We didn’t make a dent in it yet).

Later this spring we will transplant them into our garden.

Update: 5 Things … As Easter Approaches

Easter eggs

Here is an update on how we are doing on our 5 things before Easter.

  1. Read Jesus’ passion from the Gospels – We are reading them in our before bed devotions each night.
  2. Do Resurrection eggs – I finished the eggs Monday afternoon.  We are opening them as part of our bible readings.  Four more eggs to go.
  3. Dye easter eggs – The eggs are cooked.  We will dye them tomorrow.
  4. Make an empty tomb planter – Have most of the materials.  Need to make time to put it together.
  5. Watch the Jesus movie for children – We watched it last night.  The kids loved it!

We have met most of our goals.  How are you doing on yours?

5 Things I want to Do With the Kids as Easter Approaches

Cover of "Benjamin's Box: The Story of th...

As usual, Easter has snuck up on me.  It is almost here.  Every year I have high hopes about making Holy Week spiritually meaningful for me and my family.  Yet every year life seems to get in the way.  Easter is the basis of our faith.  Without Jesus’ death and resurrection, we have no hope.  So  I am looking forward to doing some activities with the kids this week to make it meaningful for all of us.

Today I am spending my first day home without children (or my husband) planning activities for the week.  Now …if I can only make it happen!

Here is the plan:

  1. Read Jesus’ Passion from the Gospels
  2. Do Resurrection eggs.  I am going to make my own set of resurrection eggs.  I think we will do 2 eggs each night during our evening devotion.  Hopefully next year I can get a copy of “Benjamin’s Box” to go along with it
  3. Dye Easter eggs
  4. Make the empty tomb planter.  My friend Sue sent me this project and it looks awesome.  The grass won’t be very tall before Easter, but the kids will get the picture when they’re on spring break next week.   Hopefully this will help us focus on new life and new starts.
  5. Watch the Jesus movie for children.  My children know the story of Jesus’ life pretty well, but I think this film will make it become real for them.  You can watch it for free at

Have a happy and blessed Easter, everyone!