Making and Canning Applesauce


We are so thankful that there is a good apple crop this year! Last year here in Michigan an early spring followed by a hard frost ruined the apple crop (and many other fruits)! We are taking advantage of the apples and canning applesauce. Normally I like to freeze my applesauce, but lack of freezer space this year is forcing me to can it. My kids are home from school for the rest of the week and they are going to help (in exchange for a trip swimming tomorrow or Friday).



The twins helped wash the apples I purchased from a local orchard. We told them we were making applesauce and they made a mixed half bushel for us.


Aaron helped slice the apples. Notice the slicer/corer he is using. We love this gadget! It is used often at our house!



We put everything in the stockpot – even the cores! Nothing is wasted! Then, on to the stove to cook the apples.


After the apples are cooked, I run them through my food mill. This removes all the skin, seeds, etc. We have very little waste to throw out in the garden after making apple sauce. Sometimes I add a little sugar, but this batch didn’t need it. The kids and I also like cinnamon or apple pie spice in it, but my husband doesn’t, so I leave some plain.

The last step is to fill and process the jars. Lots of yummy applesauce to enjoy this winter!


Note: It is the middle of February now, and we are still enjoying the applesauce we made last fall. I love to send it in the kids’ lunches instead of buying those little cups you can get in the store. I know exactly what is in it!


2 thoughts on “Making and Canning Applesauce

  1. since I am much older that you I purchases an attachment for my K A that does the same seeding process – it’s a funny looking cone thingy that does an amazing job – and saves my poor pathetic hands a lot of work – nothing better that home made!!

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