Good Intentions

I had good intentions. I was going to come home from work this week & get things done around the house. My arthritis did not agree with this plan. By 2:00 P.M. this afternoon, I had lost all my motivation. My arthritis was flaring up and I was feeling very tired and achy. Even though I had intended to get more things done, I felt like I hadn’t accomplished anything. When I sat down and reviewed the day, I realized I had gotten some things done and I needed to stop being so hard on myself.

I did three loads of laundry (including folding and putting away). I cleaned out my t-shirt drawer by taking out some shirts I don’t want anymore. Some will be donated to Bethesda, other cut up for rags. I had supper in the crock pot, so my family would eat well. I got my clothes out for tomorrow. I had accomplished something today. I could sit down and take it easy without feeling guilty. I could also get some things sitting down: cut up the shirts into rags; plan our next few meals; catch up on my emails and my blog.

I had the kids help pack their lunches while supper was cooking (something I need to have them do more often). Dishes got done after supper. Everyone got their clothes out for tomorrow. They even set the table for breakfast and put out what they want to eat (cereal; bread & cinnamon sugar for toast). All I have to do in the morning is make sandwiches and pack their lunch bags.

When arthritis flares up and I’m not feeling well, I often camp out in my recliner, turn on the tube, and relax. I get up and work during the commercials. I am always amazed at how much I can get done during the commercials! This way, I am accomplishing something, but not overdoing it.


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