Grands! Doughnuts


It has been a busy week at our house – and it isn’t over yet. Tonight we decided to relax, make some treats & watch a little tv. Last week Meijer had Grands! biscuits on sale in their 10/$10 eleventh one free sale. I stocked up and bought 11! Tonight we made doughnuts! The kids all pitched in & we had a great time!


We used 2 tubes of Grands! biscuits, cutting the centers out.


I put them in our fryer for 3 minutes per side.


After they had a chance to cool, we shook them in powdered sugar. (Sometime we use cinnamon sugar, sometimes plain white sugar, whatever we feel like). They were ready to eat. The kids really enjoyed them & can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Grands! Doughnuts

    • They’re kind of heavy, but we all love them! Since they’re so easy we don’t mind the difference in texture. Also a lot cheaper than buying doughnuts. Since I don’t buy doughnuts, my kids think these are a real treat!

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