Dehydrating Onions


This fall I am not working, so I have been trying to preserve as much as I can. I have dehydrated zucchini, celery, pears, mixed veggies, apples, mangos, bananas and even watermelon. So far I have only canned green beans and pears. I will be canning tomatoes soon. Hopefully I will have time to can applesauce as well. I have been sharing many of my projects with you. Today’s project was dehydrating onions. The kids were not impressed with the smell of the house when we got home, but it sure will be nice having all these onions for soups, chili and casseroles this winter! I can never seem to use all the onions before they go bad. Now I can dry them and save them for later! I love using my dehydrator because the prep work is usually much faster than canning or freezing. Onions are a good example. Simply peel, chop, and place on dehydrator trays. I think it took me about 15 minutes to prepare 4 trays (about 3 pounds) of onions! Now we’re just waiting for them to finish drying!


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