Dehydrating Pears into pear chips

We have been blessed with bartlet pears from my MIL. They are slowly ripening in a crate. Today I pulled out 4 and decided to make some pear chips. The apple chips I made the other day were such a hit I thought “Why not pear chips?” I made them the same way I made the apple chips – no peeling or coring.

It was REALLY easy:

1. First I washed the pears.


2. I cut off both ends, then used my mandolin to slice them. This worked really well. (I did cut my finger cleaning the mandolin today, however. So if you use one BE CAREFUL!) I did not peel or core the pears. I simply pushed out the seeds. (Again, my kids think the “star” in the center of the slice is cool!)


3. I soaked the slices in lemon juice for several minutes to keep the slices from turning brown.

4. After placing the pear slices on the trays they were ready to go in the dehydrator. I also rinsed the trays before putting them in the dehydrator. My kids can pick up on the lemon taste, so I rinsed off as much of the lemon juice as I could.

The pears are in the dehydrator now. Hopefully the kids will like them as much as they liked the apple slices. I am going to sprinkle the next batch with cinnamon or apple pie spice. Can’t wait to try them. YUM!


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