Aaron is tic free! Thank God for summer camp!


School has begun.  One of the questions the kids get asked every year when school starts is “What exciting stuff did you do this summer?”  As I reflect about our summer I find the thing that I am most thankful for is summer camp.  My son Aaron attended a week at Camp Lor-Ray near Muskegon, MI.  It is a Lutheran camp for ELS/WELS kids.  There are several reasons I am thankful Aaron wend to camp this year.  However,  the reason I am most thankful for Aaron’s week a camp may surprise you. 

  • Yes, I am thankful that Aaron was able to attend camp where the staff and fellow campers all shared his love of Christ.  Where he could spend time with other kids his age who share his Christian values.
  • Yes, I am thankful that Aaron could spend a week with boys his own age.  At home he only has 2 younger sister to play with.  At school last year there were no boys his age (he attends a small WELS school).
  • Yes, I am thankful that Aaron had a GREAT time!  This was his third summer at Camp Lor-Ray and he looks forward to it every year. 
  • However, the reason I am MOST thankful that Aaron attended summer camp this year is that it helped us realize what was causing his tic! 

Aaron developed a tic last winter.  He had an uncontrollable head tic all spring and most of the summer.  Sometimes I wondered how he could read and do school work because his head seemed to be going almost constantly.  I did as much reading online as I could and decided to take him to a chiropractor.  Every week he would have to have is neck adjusted.  Dr. Heidi told us his neck would not stay in place until he got rid of his tic.  When we went to pick him up from summer camp, the first thing I noticed was that his tic was GREATLY diminished.  His tics were hardly noticeable at all! At his next Dr appointment we tried to figure out what was different at camp. Was the tic being caused by something he ate? He had normal food at camp: dairy, wheat, sugar. The only thing he didn’t have at camp was anything sugar-free. I took him off all sugar-free products that day(even gum), and two months later his tic is GONE! He is able to sit at his desk this year a complete most of his work. It is amazing! I am so thankful! Thank God for summer camp!


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