Dehydrating Pineapple

dried pineapple rings
Over Christmas break Aldi’s had pineapple on sale. I bought two. We ate one raw and chunked the other for the dehydrator. It was ok, but the kids didn’t like it that much. Then I got a great idea from a video I saw on YouTube: dehydrating canned pineapple rings. Aldi’s had them in 100% juice for $.88! We bought six cans and put all the slices in the dehydrator. We saved the juice to make syrup for pancakes, waffles, and ice cream. It was enough for 12 half pint jars of syrup! We really got our money’s worth out of those cans of pineapple! The kids liked the dehydrated rings much better than the chunks (I don’t know why – I think they tasted the same. But the rings did look much better) Anyway, this was a success for us and we will definitely make them again!


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