Dehydrating Snacks

dried pineapple ringsnesco food dehydrator

Not everything we have tried has turned out so well, however. I will make future posts on some of our failures (& more of our successes).

Do you have a dehydrator? What is your favorite thing to dehydrate?

Next I’ll be talking about sweet potatoes and homemade fruit rollups!

Have a great day!


One thought on “Dehydrating Snacks

  1. I just bought a sweet potato to give sweet potato chips a try in my dehydrator! My favourite thing to make is granola I think. I have made lots of cracker type things and even some sort of tortilla chip thingys in there (they were insanely spicy though lol). I get a lot of my recipes from wwwdotrawfoodrecipedotcom (I didn’t want to end up in the spam section). I also dehydrated a bunch of spinach and ran it through a coffee grinder to add to pasta dough.

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