I don’t have to make dinner!

Insired by a program I heard on FLR this week, (and because I’m trying to start the year off right) I decided to make the kids more responsible around the house. Tonight I do not have to cook dinner! Every Saturday, the kids have to make dinner. They have to plan the menu and prepare the meal. I will be around to help and advise, but they will do the work. Tonight they are making spaghetti, meatballs, and glazed carrots. I make sure they have everything they need. I cannot wait!

It is time to get the kids going on chores again. Each child was given a chore they are to complete for the next month.

Aaron (9 yrds old) is to clear the table after dinner each evening. Carolyn (7 yrs old) is to set the table before dinner each evening. Rachel (also 7) is to wash dishes each evening. I chose these chores for each child for several reasons.

Aaron has the most homework. This chore will allow him to have time to work on homework until dinner time; clearing the table doesn’t take much time and it won’t be in the middle of homework time.

Carolyn often doesn’t like to help with chores, so this chore shouldn’t take much time for her either. I often have her set the table as early as 4:00, then send the girls out to play until supper time. This way, she gets to play & the table is ready when supper is done.

Rachel is the most cooperative about doing chores. She loves to “do the bubble side” when it comes to dishes(usually one washes, the other rinses & puts on drying rack), so this was a natural choice. She also loves to vacuum (guess what her chore might be next month).

I wanted to start off with some rather simple chores, so the kids would have success right away and not get discouraged. We started this when the kids went back to school on Wednesday and it has worked well so far.

There are other things we are going to do to have the kids help around the house. I will share more in future posts.


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