Quick and Easy Doughnuts


This week Meijer has Grands biscuits as part of their 10/$10 – 11th item free sale.  I still had a tube of Grands in the fridge that I got during the last 10/$10 sale.  I was told that they make excellent doughnuts, so I decided to try it out.  They did make fantastic doughnuts!  They girls are eager for me to make them again.



1.  Pour oil into your deep fryer and heat oil to 350.

2.  Open the tube and separate the biscuits.






3.  Cut the centers out of the biscuits – I used the top from a pop bottle.  Save the centers to make doughnut holes.





4.  Place doughnuts in fryer once the oil is hot.  Fry for about  2 minutes on each side – until they are golden brown.  Don’t forget to fry the holes.

5.  Remove doughnuts from deep fryer and cool on paper towel lined plate.

6.  Serve with topping of choice.  I put cinnamon sugar in a plastic bag & shook to coat.

These are best enjoyed the day they are made.

These were super easy & very good.  I will probably make again when I stock up with grands later this week.  Enjoy – we did!



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