Our weekend without a furnace

Thursday night our furnace went out.  The motor is shot.  We could get a new motor (from California) for $450 + shipping.  Our furnace is 18 years old, so we opted to get a new furnace.  After all, who knows what would go out next on the old one.  Because it was Friday afternoon before we found out all this, we cannot get our new furnace until Monday:  a whole weekend without a furnace.  The weather is not going to be pretty, either.  Highs in the low 30’s; lows in the teens with 60 mph wind gusts.

At first I thought I would take the kids to a hotel for the weekend.  But someone has to stay at the house to make sure the pipes don’t freeze so now I think we will stay here as a family.  We have a fireplace, an eden pure, several electric heaters, and several kerosene heaters.  We have made it through the first night and are not that uncomfortable.   The worst is that the girls are afraid of the wind (& it’s going to be windy all weekend).  Hopefully the power will not go out!

We’re going to try to have a relaxing weekend in our home without a furnace. We can catch up on housework, play games, read…anything to help take their minds off the wind.  I’ll be posting more as the weekend progresses. Right now I’m going to restart the fire in the fireplace.


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