Do you use coupons?

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I got into a discussion today about using coupons.  Do I use them?  Yes and no.  A coworker uses to print coupons.  I checked them out this afternoon.  Out of 15 pages of available coupons, I printed 2.  Yes, there were only 2 coupons I felt I might really use.  I use coupons mostly for health and beauty items and personal care items.  I have found that for most grocery items, it is cheaper to shop at Aldi‘s than buy the name brand items with a coupon.  Besides, at Aldi’s I don’t get distracted by all the extras the bigger stores offer.  It’s just the basics.

I have checked out several coupon sites and found that they all seem to offer the same or similar coupons.  I like to download coupons right on to my store card:  No clipping and no leaving the coupons at home.

In review, if I shop mostly at Aldi and plan my menu I don’t need to clip a lot of coupons.


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