Shaving Cream Alternatives

Ever go to shave only to find out there is no shaving cream left?  I hate it when that happens!  What to do?  As a mother of 3 young children, I can’t just hop in the van & go pick some up.   The next time this happens to you, consider the following alternatives.   I have used several of these options.  In fact, I haven’t bought shaving cream for years.

1.  Hair Conditioner:  It leaves your skin soft & smelling great.  This is what I use most of the time.  I go to the dollar store & buy a big bottle of conditioner for about $2.00.  This lasts me a long time.

2.  Hand or Body Lotion: My MIL gave me a huge bottle of lotion that she doesn’t want.  I am using it instead of shaving cream. It smells great and will not go to waste!

3.  Shampoo – Lather up & shave away!

4.   Dish Soap – Really any soap that will lather.

5.  Baby Oil – This will help protect your skin against nicks.  Just be careful, it may gunk up your razor.

Conditioner is my favorite, but I have a huge bottle of lotion to use up right now, so that is what I’m using.


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