Buying in bulk, storing in the freezer

Breadmachine with freshly baked bread.

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I love to bake!  I am always baking something:  muffins, bread (using a bread machine), brownies, cookies, etc.  I try to save money by stocking up on baking needs when they are on sale.  I often store surplus supplies in the freezer.  I do this with flour and yeast.  We are trying to eat healthy, so I like to use whole wheat flour in everything I bake.  I have come to love King Arthur Flour’s white whole wheat flour.  I wait for it to go on sale at Meijer, then stock up & store it in the freezer (I store my white all-purpose flour in the freezer as well).

Active dried yeast, a granulated form in which...

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I buy yeast in bulk at Sam’s club.  I fill a half pint jar for the fridge & place the rest in the freezer.  When I run out, I simply refill my jar & put the rest back in the freezer.  I have never had yeast go bad (inactive) using this method.  I freeze cake mixes, brownie mixes, cornbread mixes – anything that might get buggy.

In the fall when veggies are ripe in the garden I chop zucchini & onions & put them in the freezer.  I’ve done this with peppers as well (as long as I’m not going to leave them there long).  I have had peppers ready before tomatoes, chopped the peppers & stored in the freezer until I’m ready to make salsa.

Ever open a can of pasta or pizza sauce & not use it all?  Put the rest in the freezer.  How about veggies?  Ever make a vegetable for supper & have a little left over?  I keep an old margarine container in the freezer;  when I have a little leftover vegetable left, I put it in this container.  When the container is full, I make soup or pot pies, etc.

Hope this helps you save some money & reduce your food waste.  Gotta go…time to take the bread out of the  machine.  Enjoy!


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