Omelets in a Ziplock Bag

We are going to be doing a lot of camping this month, so my blogs will probably reflect things we’ve cooked there.   Since camping is supposed to be a vacation for mom, too, I am always looking for ways to make meals easy without a lot of cleanup.

One of our favorite breakfasts while we are camping is omelets in a ziplock bag.  These are very easy to make.

  1.  Crack two or three eggs into a quart sized zipper bag.  Let everyone choose what ingredients they want to add to their omelet.   Some examples are:  cheese, mushrooms, ham, peppers, onions.  You can add anything you would add to an omelet.

2.  Zip the bags shut and squish the ingredients together.

3.  Place in boiling water and boil for 15-20 minutes.  The eggs will roll up like an omelet.  Be careful – the eggs may not be done inside even after they roll up.

4.  Dump each person’s owlet onto a plate.

5.  Enjoy!

My kids love these!  Each one gets to pick the ingredients they like and they taste great!


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