It sure has been warm the last couple of days. Today wasn’t as bad as yesterday, though. I haven’t gotten much done in the house, but we sure have gotten a lot done in the garden. We got everything hoed and weeded. We also planted some radishes, green beans, kohl rabbi, and late cabbages. The girls helped, too, especially Rachel. The four o’clocks that they planted didn’t grow; not a single one. They were disappointed, so we took some seeds from their marigolds & cosmos and planted those. I hope some of them grow. They are really proud of their little end of the garden. Soon they will have tomatoes from their plants. Their pepper plants are in blossom also.
In the past the radishes from our garden are always so hot that no one can stand to eat except Brian. Then the other day Rachel was dipping them in ranch dressing and eating them. I couldn’t believe she could stand to eat those hot radishes. She said they didn’t taste so hot with the ranch dressing on them so I tried it. The ranch dressing took the heat right out of them! We can’t believe it! Now they all love radishes & gobble them right down (me, too)!
Brian made a deal with the kids. If they helped pull the volunteer corn out of the soybeans, he would pay them $20 each. I also told them I would take them to see Cars 2 when they were finished. We thought it would take them a few days. I guess they want their $20 because they finished it all today! They all pitched in & no one complained. I am proud of them. Also I guess we are going to see Cars 2 tomorrow!


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