Camp week

I have been absent from my writing for a while again. We’ve been busy, I guess. We didn’t do anything special for the 4th. We didn’t even watch any fireworks. The kids were going to do sparklers, but there was an issue with the bb gun (somehow Rachel ended up shooting it & I got upset. She is too young & Aaron has to be more responsible) so no sparklers.
Last week Aaron went to overnight camp for the first time. He got there on Wednesday afternoon & was done on Friday afternoon. Just the right time to give him a taste of what camp is like. I guess he really enjoyed it because the first thing he said to Brian when he got home is “Can I go next year, Dad?”
The girls & I stayed in the family camp (in a tent) while Aaron was there. That was an experience! But, they got to see the camp & do some of the things that Aaron got to do. They went swimming & paddle boating. They had fun, too.
Now we have 4 weeks home before we go to Leisure Lake. This week’s goal: clean the dining room & go see Cars 2. Hopefully we’ll find someplace to go swimming in there, too.


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