What a day!

Freezer Trouble
Wow, was it humid today. I rode my bike for 25 minutes, but had to take a break 3 times. Usually I start sweating 10-12 minutes in, but today I was dripping sweat at 5 minutes! I got totally whipped out & didn’t get too much done the rest of the day. Good thing, because not too much turned out right today.
I decided to try out the bread maker I bought at a garage sale this weekend. It was too moist & fell in the middle. 😦
Later I noticed the floor in the entryway was wet. I thought the kids spilled some water. When I went to get the ice cream for dessert, I realized it was the upright freezer: the ice cream was completely thawed! So was most of the stuff in the freezer.  Defrosting the freezer was not on my adgenda for today. I put the meat that was thawed in coolers with ice. I will have to cook it in the morning. I cannot afford to loose all that meat! I did have to throw some things away, but was able to save a lot of it. Thank God! I guess it was time to defrost the freezer!
What a day!


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