With the coming of the new year, people tend to take a look at their lives.  Decluttering is one of the most common topics this time of year.  The fact the there are so many books at show on tv about this topic proves that many of us have a problem with clutter.  I am one of those.  Getting my house decluttered is one of my goals for 2011.  This will be a huge challange since I have three young children and no garage, no attic, no basement and only one SMALL spare room.  Sometimes it seems like an impossible task!  Although I am not an expert & haven’t bought any of those organizational books, there are some things I have learned along the way.

1.  Take it one small step at a time.  I start with one area that I want to work on, set my timer for 25 minutes & go at it.  This is enough time to allow me to get something done, but not long enough to burn me out.  I am usually surprised at how much I can get done in that 25 minutes.  Then I am almost always inspired to do more!

2.  Focus on one thing. My bedroom often looks like a tornado hit it.  If I focus only on fabric (clothes, bedding, projects) I find that I can make a huge dent and get the rest of the things later.

3.  Make decluttering a regimen.  If I work on it every day, even for only a few minutes, I can see progress.  I won’t get discouraged or frustrated.  In fact, I am again inspired to do more!

4.  Get rid of it!  If I haven’t used it or worn it in the last 6-12 months, I get rid of it!  Donate it, sell it, or trash it!  With almost no storage space, we have to live in the now.  Can we use it now?  Then it is worth keeping!

These are a few ways I work on getting my house decluttered.  I hope they can help someone else!


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