Getting on track

Well, today is the 2nd day of 2011 & I think it was a pretty good day!  I got a lot done for a Sunday.  I finished my scarf – the 1st item I have to sell!  One down, many to go.  I started a face mask.  I hope it turns out!

I started cleaning out the computer room.  I didn’t make a dent, but at least it is started.  If I do just a little each day, it won’t seem so overwhelming.  I’d like to turn this room into a second pantry. 

I also rode my stationary bike for the first time in over a week (& the first time this year!). I burned 600 calories!  More than I hoped to do when I started.  I am SO proud of myself!  Whoo hoo! 

I think today has been a great start to a new year!  Tomorrow it’s back to work. 

Until next time…


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